John Hart

ON-AIR: 5:30a-10a, Monday thru Friday

John Hart was born and raised in Enid. He grew up surrounded by music. His father fostered a love for both kinds of music, country AND western. His mother preferred top 40 hits and rock ’n roll! He even developed a love of classical music along the way. So, to say John is diverse in his musical tastes would be an understatement.

After graduating with a degree in journalism and advertising from Oklahoma State University, he moved to Denver to pursue a jobs in advertising, radio, and television. Radio stuck! After moving back to OSU to receive a masters degree, he went to work for KRAV radio in Tulsa, where he spent 10 years climbing from part-time shifts, production director, program director, to ultimately morning show personality.

While cultivating a voice over career, John moved to Oklahoma City with his wife and young son. He has been there ever since, adding another son along the way. John owns an audio production company; works with many radio stations, production companies, and advertising agencies; and is currently the morning show host at legendary KOMA radio.

John sits on several boards in OKC and is proud of his strong ties to the community. Providing KOMA listeners with fun, information, and “Oklahoma’s Greatest Hits” is the reason he gets up so early in the morning.

When not on the air, John enjoys playing golf, traveling with the family, and spending as much time as he can with his wife, two boys, and Mr. B the dog.

John Hart
Weekdays 5:30-10am

Ronnie Kaye
Weekdays 10am-2pm

Ronnie Kaye


On-Air: 10a-2p, Monday – Friday
The Ronnie Kaye story began in a sleepy town in southeast Missouri. Growing up in Cooter was probably not much different than growing up in most small towns in the America in the 40’s and 50’s. His dad was the town pharmacist and his mom was a piano teacher at Cooter High School.

Between church, school, and home, Ronnie was always surrounded by music. When the high school presented a play or show, Ronnie was always a part of it. By high school, he was studying to become a concert pianist, performing recitals of Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven. At the same time, he was hearing radio stations in Memphis play Perkins, Presley, and Chuck Berry.

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On-Air: 2p-7p, Monday thru Friday

I like loud rock and roll, Family Guy reruns and am a beer snob of the highest order. I have been rocking’ the airwaves since about ’91, graduated from OU in 93, wish strip malls and chain stores would stop ruining the view of great Oklahoma sunsets and I love to fish.

Other than that, my turn ons are peanut butter and feathers and long walks through the CD section at Best Buy. My turn offs are writing bio’s of myself.

Weeknights 2pm-7pm

Rick Caldwell
Weekdays 7pm-Mid

Rick Caldwell


On-Air: 7p-Mid, Monday – Friday

In radio since Reagan was president and, at sister station KRXO since Bush the first, I have honed my Classic Rock chops by not only listening to, but also by studying the music and artists that mean so much to ‘our music.’ I love live music and have seen just about every classic rocker to come down the ‘pike.

It’s great chatting on the airwaves on KOMA, and playing the music I grew up listening to.

Randy Russell
12 -5:30am