Folk Secrets Treasure Hunt

WIN $500 a week as you travel back into Oklahoma history in the Folk Secrets Treasure Hunt!

Contest launches June 8th at the 21c Museum Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City.
Saturday mornings, starting June 16th, watch a special live video on the KOMA Facebook page to find clues to the treasure.
Be the first to find the clue and win $500!
PLUS… Listen to Lisa & Kent Thursday mornings at 7:20am to hear an exclusive hint that may help you find the next Folk Secrets clue sooner!
There’s a new Folk Secret clue every Saturday morning!  And another $500 to win every week!

The grand prize winner will win $1,000 plus another $1,500 to donate to the school of their choice for history education!

Download the Folk Secrets Codex app on your mobile device today!  Then you’ll be ready to hunt for the clues and win the cash!
CLICK HERE for Android devices. CLICK HERE for iOS devices

CLICK HERE to view a video to see how the game works.

Official rules and details can be found at

You still need to visit the last clue location in Shawnee to grab the secret symbol at the end of the experience to qualify for the $1,000 at the season finale: (the OK state flag memorial near the Pottawatomie County Museum) Right across the street is a nice coffee shop & burger joint, so visit the clue then enjoy some food!


Week 5 winner: Chris Gannaway
Chris tells Lisa and Kent where he found the last symbol and how to win the last $1,000.

Week 4 winner: Melissa McFarland
Find out how Melissa won another $500 in the Folk Secrets Treasure Hunt!

Week 2 winner: Deborah and Tim Whitley
Listen to Lisa and Kent talk with them about finding the symbol and winning.

Week 1 winner: Melissa McFarland
Listen to Lisa and Kent chat with our week 1 winner, Melissa McFarland.